Photographer: Portraits, classical dance, concerts, artist profiles, headshots & photoshoots
Boston, Greater Boston, South shore and Metrowest.

Anand Kavalapara
Anand Kavalapara

Started with a film SLR and switched to a DSLR in 2005 photographing birds and landscapes.

I was doing portrait and dance photography for more than decade on requests from friends. In 2017 I started AKAImagery, photography for Portraits, Dance Performances and Profiles.

Love photographing dance, musicals and stage performances. Capturing expressions, poses and actions on stage as they happen is an exciting and rewarding experience.

I also do Artist, Professional and Business profiles, shot at the environment of their Studio/ Workplace.

I shoot indoors and outdoors with a mix of natural light and lighting setup as the situation demands.

Photography is all about the angle, the light and the moment. Over a decade of photographing nature and wildlife gives me a different perspective that helps me capture unique images. I incorporate many aspects of composition and creativity I learnt from nature photography.

Seeing customers use my images to enhance their image and further their ambitions gives me immense satisfaction.

Success is to consistently create value for my clients and develop signature shots that form my identity.

Anand Kavalapara